Imposter Syndrome + Overwhelm?

Congratulations, you have a fitness business.

You were prepared for 50% of your feels fresh out of PT school. You understand the theory (mostly); you memorised the anatomy; and you can piece together a programme for your clients. BUT you feel like you need to know WAY more; have imposter syndrome realness; and the thought of posting to promote your business makes you want to chew off your cuticles.

Be The Change Coaching Mentorship will:

  • uncover your coaching strengths within the first week (warning: this can be emotional) 
  • equip you with smart checklists to easily: assess, progress and programme movement (boy bye, overwhelm)
  • get you clear on the non-negotiables of running your fitness business (long-game gang)

Your clients don’t care how many courses you’ve done, they want you to speak to them in their language about their bodies and how you can support them to get to their goals.  They need YOU, not a coach who has 20 certificates up their ass along with their own head – Not you? Great, let’s make our coaching approachable.

The mentorship is broken down into three ESSENTIAL parts:







It starts and ends with YOU

Your mind and your business need you to create the change that you, we, want to see in the fitness industry.  Female coaches leading with authority and integrity.  After seventeen years in the fitness industry and an all out obsession with movement, the bits that held me back were finding my voice and having no clue about business. So I created a mentorship that provided the framework I wished I had been taught many years ago.  I have all out faith that the fitness industry will look different in 10-20 years time, I would love for you to make that a reality for us too.

How does it work?

8 week online group coaching course ( content is dropped weekly via the learning platform)

5 modules – Mindset, Movement, Programming, Women’s Health + Business

2 weekly emails detailing new content drops, links to zoom calls and other essential info for that week

1 group zoom call per week to go deep on each module (two time slots per day, per module cos we International baby)

Be the Change Coaching Mentorship is for you if you are

in your first 3 years of coaching ✓

ready to master movement fundamentals + programming 

ready to coach confidently  ✓

ready to be supported in your growth in the fitness industry ✓

exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to figure it out for yourself ✓

Let’s dive into the goods

Get out of your own way

Module 1: Mindset

Discover your coaching strengths

Learn the ‘critical review questions’ system

Build your personal confidence code

“Mindset!  How good was that to start with?! Genius!  Can’t stop telling everyone how this course has literally changed my life and my business.”

– Becky Spencer

Go deep on the basics (the majority of new coaches miss this crucial part)

Assess and course-correct movement patterns and faults

Build movement patterns safely with easy-to-use checklists

The bread + butter

Module 2: Movement

“Joslyn has taught me the why and how of the fundamental movement patterns. This has improved my coaching and my ability to help clients move properly and better. I now have confidence when I am programming and love it!”

– Mhairi Muir

Let’s experiment

Module 3: Programming

Get clear on the hardware and software of programming, you need both!

Learn what goes where, why it matters with a step-by-step process to figure it out.

Build efficient programmes, with smart progressions, without changing up every session  

“So damn helpful!  I have spent a lot of time worrying about programming but really do feel so much better.  Thanks so much for answering my many, many questions about programming ”

– Christie Mitchell

Learn how hormones affect our training

Understand your own body through self-assessment and tracking

Learn to programme and support women through every season of life

The part research forgot

Module 4: Women’s Health

“Still learning, still grateful, still excited by how much more there is always left to learn”

– Rowena Ramsell

Coach meets CEO

Module 5: Business

Get clear on your business, your purpose and who you serve 

Learn how to ‘leap’ your business forward in two week chunks

Build systems that support your growth 

“LOVING the business module.  Each module we have gone through I’m just like yesssssss!!  So many penny dropping moments – so thank you”

– Greta Goodman

Cool stuff


A community of women celebrating and supporting one another in our closed facebook group. If you’re trying something new and have no idea where to start, one of our BTC alumni will! We got you!

Guest coaches

Expert guest coaches come and sprinkle some magic. I don’t know all the things, but I know some dope coaches who really know their ish and I want them to share that with you.

Lifetime access

You have access to the content for as long as the course exists and are automatically enrolled in each new round for free. We are five rounds deep and growing, so not going anywhere boo. All of the content at the tip of your fingers for as long as you need.


We’re busy!  This course was not designed to take up ALL your time, the lessons are bite-sized and you can always revisit them.  I want you to do this in YOUR own time, anything from 1-3 hours per week is good!

No!  The modules have been put in an order for you to get the most out of the mentorship.  They have been created so that you can apply the learnings to your mindset, your coaching and your business as you go.  Dip in and out, it’s your life and business.  

There’s no falling behind, just working to your own rhythm. 

No, this course is fully online, with weekly live zoom calls

No problem!  All calls are recorded and put in the facebook group the following day, so you don’t miss out.  There are two call times per week to cover all time zones.

Brilliant!  As long as you are in the process of getting your qualification, you’re all good!  This mentorship will provide a solid platform from which to start your career!  But no training the peoples until you have your qualifications and insurance!

Love notes from the gang

“Passion, value, drive, motivation…just a few words to express what Jos brings to her very personal mentorship programme.  This lady wants the very best for the female future of the personal training world.  The knowledge that she shares and the way in which she educates (way beyond what any level 2 or 3 course will ever deliver) is so valuable in making you consider your current understandings and how you can provide further value and support to your own clients.”

– Rachel Smith

“So, so amazing!  And soooo many nuggets”

– Funmi Olatoye

“So our team are not even through half of the Be The Change Mentorship yet and I’ve learnt and gained SO much knowledge with Jos it’s unbelievable.  The live calls are so interesting I end up with pages of notes, Jos has clearly put her all into this, it’s so inspiring!  I’m so grateful to be a part of it, I feel so much more confident than before.”

– Faizah Atcha

“Definitely recommend this Mentorship to any coach out there!  I have grown so much from this.  And it has advanced my skills to a level like never before.”

– Simoné Estelle

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