This is my story

I have 14 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist. Studying and teaching health and wellness rocks my world!

For the past 6 years, I have worked with Nike as one of their Global Master Trainers. This incredible role has enabled me to travel the world educating and recruiting trainers, consult on new products, and spend time both behind and in front of the camera on numerous Global ad campaigns.

I have a broad portfolio of clients spanning everyone from pro-athletes to fitness first-timers. My smart, simple methodology has resulted in my being the go-to expert for numerous fitness and lifestyle titles including Net-a-Porter, The Gentlewoman magazine, and Women’s Health, as well as for Global brands such as Liberty, and smaller start-ups entering the fitness market.

I currently coach and compete in CrossFit, having formerly competed in rowing, marathons, triathlons and kettlebell sport. The demands of my current sport have led to an obsession with recovery, a former coach once taught me – “you work (recover), to play (train/compete)”.

I understand that often, too much emphasis is placed on the training-high, and recovery is neglected until it’s too late. I now devote much of my time speaking to both the fitness industry and the public on the importance of training and recovery – respect your body and be patient with the process!

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I want to be a better athlete

Online Programming

Stepping into the gym can be a daunting experience, and knowing what the hell to do when you get there can send you sprinting back out of the door. My online programming clients range from people starting out on their fitness journey, to competitive athletes tweaking for game-day.

Programmes include, strength, conditioning and mobility workouts with a prehab/rehab focus for clients susceptible to, or returning from injury. They are created based on the equipment you have available, the amount of time you have to train, and can include any current sessions you would like to continue doing alongside your programming.

Programming is sent weekly via TrueCoach, an online system that allows you to document your training, with the ability to upload videos of your training, for constructive analysis in the weekly review.


Price £100 per month

Chasing Pull Ups


Price £12.99 - available for immediate download

There are two things I do as a trainer: I teach people that consistency and patience are key; and that the road to moving better is an incredibly rewarding one.

Writing Chasing Pull Ups felt right! Pull ups are what I call a truth exercise, you can either do them, or you can’t. You need to build two things, strength and body control – these are the key focus areas in each phase of the programme.

There are five phases in the programme, with two 20 minute workouts in each phase. You work at your own pace and will know when you are ready to move on to the next phase. The sessions are short enough that they can be a bolt-on to an existing session, or can count as a session by themselves.

You will need access to a pull up bar, dumbbells of varying weights and a TRX or equivalent.